Times have changed. Wearing a gorgeous outfit isn’t enough to look stylish anymore. Girl, you’ve got to accessorise too! However, choosing the best earrings to shine are tricky critters – they require a delicate balance. Donning yourself in spiky earrings designs when you’re trying to pull off a sweet girl-next-door look can instantly turn you from hot to not in one fell swoop (a big no-no indeed!). So, how you accessorise is very important. Earrings are a go-to
TROPICAL COLLECTION 2018 GUNG JEWELLERY “Gung” means “palace” in Korean. Through a touch of sleek inspirational simplicity, we explore the individuality of the contemporary Korean jewellery. A perfect combination of impeccable quality and polished affordability. Gung Jewellery unveils your reflection of glamour, elegance, and class. Dedicated to bringing timeless statement style to women, our collections are the jewellery fit for all. Layered to perfection, Gung Jewellery is your trendy destination for a beautiful and high-quality
Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Thinking what to get is always the hardest part of choosing the perfect gift that will guarantee satisfaction. Ever since last Christmas present guide, are you already running out of Valentine gifts ideas for her? This year, however, you get to celebrate it with Chinese New Year. (Meaning you get more discounts and only needing to spend only once!) These are the sweetest worries you have to endure. Yes, we are referring
After diving deep into your favourite activity of the week, which is the lovely 9-to-5 weekday job (sweet Saturday included for some), we bet you are looking forward to your long awaited Friday night out with awesome friends and brag about your amazing job, your pleasant manager, your fabulous colleagues WHILE looking gorgeous, right ladies? After a long hot shower, you apply your best fragrance, put on your nice dress, you’ll walk towards your jewellery box,
December has arrived and it’s the time of the month again! This Christmas you might want to outperform yourself last year by surprising your girlfriend. You’ve searched everywhere, and might even sneakily dropped hints and resorted to asking her friends, but still to no avail. Time is slowly running out and you have yet to find the perfect Christmas gifts for her. Fret not! We, the dames in women’s favourite fashion accessories of Gung Jewellery, will rid you
It is important to choose the correct attire for a job interview. It is to be expected that you have to be presenting a professional look while making sure that you can give a positive first impression with your potential employer. It’s fairly simple to dress professionally, what could go wrong anyway? Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with such basic rules. Feeling a wee bit nervous now? You also need to consider the type of jewellery
“You never get a second chance to build a great first impression”, and statement jewellery is the best way to build your identity to others. What does statement jewellery mean? It is named such because they are unique, bold and stand out fashionably. Another way of calling statement jewellery is look-at-me jewellery because you want to catch everyone’s attention and be the spotlight.  Simple yet sophisticated, wearing the right statement jewellery can bring any outfit
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